Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Date set for readings!

The readings of the five plays by women playwrights to celebrate International Women's Day will be repeated on Sunday, April 29th, in the New Works Lab at Ohio State's Drake Performance and Event Center, at 7:00 p.m. The readings will be free.

There will also be a reading of Alan Woods's new short Shakespearean sequel, Twentieth Night, which takes place eighteen years after the events recorded in Twelfth Night, as a benefit for Stonewall Columbus on Saturday, May 19th. Stonewall Columbus Executive Director Karla Rothan (also OSU alum) and her partner Linda Schuler will read Viola and Olivia. Alan's short Shakespearean prequel, Downstairs at Elsinore, will be produced in June by the Pointed Remarques Classical Theatre Company in Colorado as part of their Fields of Honor Festival; it was chosen after a national competition. More details at http://www.pointedremarques.org/POINTEDREMARQUESNews.htm

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're Going to Do Them Again!

Response to the readings of five short pieces for International Women's Day has been so positive that we're going to do them again, this time at Ohio State University's Department of Theatre so that people on the campus can have a chance to see them. Watch this space for details!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

International Women's Day Readings in Central Ohio

photo by Renee Kropat
Gallery 202, Westerville, Ohio, attracts about 50 people for readings on March 8 of five short plays by women playwrights

Photo by Ann Alaia Woods

Cate Blair-Wilhelm and John Kuhn as the title characters in Vicki Caroline Cheatwood's The Last Time Cooper Took Midge Fishing

Tatyana Yassenov, as The Fish, joins Cooper and Midge Photo by Ann Alaia Woods

Ellen Nickles and Alan Woods in Dead Right, by Elaine Jarvik--a couple discover a friend's obituary, and it's not satisfactory

Photo by Renee Kropat

Photo by Ann Alaia Woods

Photosby Ann Alaia Woods

In Gerry Sanseviero's Matinee Lunch, Irene Braverman and Sarah Worthington are two sisters lunching before a Broadway show, with Mary Vade Bon Coeur as the waitress.

Cornelius Hubbard and Doreen Salkiewicz are a young married couple in Shirley Barrie's Audience, arguing over his fondness of avant-garde performance

Photo by Ann Alaia Woods

Katherine Burkman's Geraldine and Jacob, a tale of attraction between a gambler and slot machine, closed the evening, with David Fawcett as Jacob and Rhea Kavari as Geraldine

Photo by Ann Alaia Woods