Wednesday, December 26, 2007

For Unto Us returns!

Response was so positive to the reading of James McLindon's For Unto Us that a repeat reading has been scheduled for Sunday, January 20th, at 3:00 p.m., again in the New Works Lab at Ohio State University's Drake Performance and Event Center. The reading was requested by Dignity, the GLBTQ Catholic group, although all will be welcome. Most of the original actors will be repeating their roles, but since Tory Matsos is already committed that day, Doreen Salkiewicz will be the pregnant young woman disrupting the settled events of the household.

Join us on Sunday, January 20th, New Works Lab, Drake Performance and Event Center, 1840 Cannon Drive on the Ohio State University campus, just south of the Ohio Stadium. Free parking for this event in the lot across the street from the Drake Center, between the twin towers.

More readings coming in January and the rest of the winter and early spring, from the Limbo Project, and more from the Heckart Competition. For the Limbo Project schedule, go to; more about the Heckart plays here--


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